Multimodal Analgesia With Acetaminophen vs. Narcotics Alone After Hip Arthroscopy


The purpose of this proposed study is to evaluate the efficacy of a multimodal approach to analgesia for patient's pain after hip arthroscopy and to also assess if this new approach will result in a reduction in post-operative narcotic use. This study is a single-center, randomized prospective study comparing post-operative pain scores and narcotic consumption between individuals receiving acetaminophen along with a reduced quantity of Percocet (to be used as needed for breakthrough pain) and individuals receiving Percocet only. Both pain management options are considered to be standard of care. Both cohorts will receive aspirin for DVT prophylaxis and celecoxib for heterotopic ossification prophylaxis. The primary objective of the study are to compare patients' narcotic consumption and reported pain following arthroscopic hip surgery, and determine if acetaminophen can provide adequate pain relief compared to a narcotic medication.

Study Start Date

April, 10 2018

Estimated Completion Date

April 2020


  • Drug: Percocet
  • Drug: Acetaminophen

Study ID

New York University School of Medicine -- 18-00167



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Study Type


Trial Phase

Phase 4

Enrollment Quota



New York University School of Medicine

Inclusion Criteria

  • ASA class I-II
  • Patients indicated and scheduled for arthroscopic hip surgery

Exclusion Criteria

  • Contraindication to acetaminophen or oxycodone/acetaminophen (e.g. hypersensitivity, history of GI or bleeding disorder)
  • Legally incompetent or mentally impaired (e.g. minors, Alzheimer's subjects, dementia, etc.)
  • Younger than 18 years of age or older than 65
  • Any patient considered a vulnerable subject
  • Patients on pain medication prior to surgery




18 Years to 65 Years

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


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