Depression and Body Image Distress Following Mastectomy With Reconstruction


Mastectomy is a major surgery that can have a profound effect on women's psychosocial wellbeing, including elevated depression and body image distress. Reconstructive breast surgery aims to improve patients' psychosocial adjustment to mastectomy, yet for some women substantial distress persists after reconstruction. However, very little is known about risk or protective factors for persistent depression or body image distress following mastectomy with reconstruction. The present study aims to address this critical gap. In women undergoing mastectomy with breast reconstruction, the investigators will assess risk and protective factors for post-surgery depression severity and body image distress.

Study Start Date

October, 12 2017

Estimated Completion Date

May 2019


  • Other: Psychosocial variables

Study ID

Massachusetts General Hospital -- 2017P000944



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Massachusetts General Hospital

Inclusion Criteria

    1. Female adults (age 18+) who are scheduled for mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program 2. English language proficiency 3. Ability to provide informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria

    1. Current psychotic disorder, bipolar disorder, serious neurological disorder, intellectual disability, or developmental disorder 2. Current active suicidal ideation 3. Treatment plan includes chemotherapy and/or radiation 4. Does not have access to Internet at home, required to complete study questionnaires




18 Years and older

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


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