ZIMURA in Combination With LUCENTIS in Patients With Neovascular Age Related Macular Degeneration (NVAMD)


To assess the safety of intravitreal Zimura™ (complement factor C5 inhibitor) administered in combination with Lucentis® 0.5 mg in treatment naïve subjects with neovascular age related macular degeneration (NVAMD)

Study Start Date

October, 11 2017

Estimated Completion Date

December 2018


  • Drug: Lucentis
  • Drug: Zimura

Study ID

Ophthotech Corporation -- OPH2007



Trial ID


Study Type


Trial Phase

Phase 2

Enrollment Quota



Ophthotech Corporation

Inclusion Criteria

  • Active subfoveal NVAMD

Exclusion Criteria

  • History or evidence of severe cardiac disease
  • Any major surgical procedure within one month of trial entry
  • Subjects with a clinically significant laboratory value
  • Any treatment with an investigational agent in the past 60 days for any condition
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Known serious allergies to the fluorescein dye used in angiography, povidone iodine, to the components of the ranibizumab formulation, or to the components of the Zimura formulation
  • Any prior treatment for AMD other than oral supplements of vitamins and minerals




50 Years and older

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


Study Locations and Contact Information (20)

Study Location Distance Name Phone Email
Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston - Boston, Massachusetts 2.8 miles None None None
Retina Vitreous Surgeons of CNY PC - Syracuse, New York 258.7 miles None None None
Charleston Neuroscience Institute - Ladson, South Carolina 813.1 miles None None None
Illinois Eye Center - Peoria, Illinois 964.3 miles None None None
Florida Eye Clinic - Altamonte Springs, Florida 1,109.7 miles None None None
Florida Eye Associates - Melbourne, Florida 1,125.4 miles None None None
Vitreo Retinal Consultants Surgeons - Wichita, Kansas 1,421.3 miles None None None
Strategic Clinical Research Group - Willow Park, Texas 1,602.0 miles None None None
Colorado Retina Associates - Golden, Colorado 1,771.4 miles None None None
Retina Centers PC - Tucson, Arizona 2,280.3 miles None None None
Retinal Research Institute - Phoenix, Arizona 2,295.9 miles None None None
Retina Associates SW PC - Tucson, Arizona 2,336.4 miles None None None
Retina Consultants of Nevada - Henderson, Nevada 2,377.2 miles None None None
Sierra Eye Associates - Reno, Nevada 2,519.5 miles None None None
Retina Consultants of Southern California - Redlands, California 2,539.8 miles None None None
Retina Northwest PC - Portland, Oregon 2,540.0 miles None None None
Orange County Retina Medical Group - Santa Ana, California 2,581.5 miles None None None
Retina Consultants of Orange County - Fullerton, California 2,582.9 miles None None None
RetinaVitreous Associates Medical Group - Beverly Hills, California 2,601.9 miles None None None
Retinal Consultants Medical Group - Sacramento, California 2,619.6 miles None None None

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