Use Feasibility of the iThermonitor in Pediatrics Patients on Myelosuppresive Therapies


This is a pilot study to evaluate the use feasibility of the iThermonitor, a continuous temperature monitoring device, as a clinical support and patient self-management tool in the management of pediatrics patients on myelosuppressive therapies for acute leukemia and other childhood cancers.

Study Start Date

May 2015

Estimated Completion Date

May 2016


  • Device: iThermonitor


  • Nursing: Hematology/Oncology,Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics: Pediatric Heme/Oncology
  • Family Medicine: Peds Family Medicine
  • Oncology: Leukemia/Lymphoma,Peds Heme/Oncology,Pharmacology/Therapy
  • Physician Assistant: Hematology/Oncology,Pediatrics
  • Practice Management: Technology

MeSH Terms

  • Immunoproliferative Disorders
  • Leukemia
  • Leukemia, Lymphoid
  • Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin

Study ID

Massachusetts General Hospital -- 14-485



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Massachusetts General Hospital

Inclusion Criteria

  • Dyad consists of a pediatric patient aged 2-17 years undergoing myelosuppressive therapies for acute leukemias and other childhood cancers.
  • Dyad also includes a caregiver, ? 18 years of age that is willing to participate in the study.
  • Ability of caregiver or patient (if old enough) to read and speak English.
  • If applicable, willingness of the patient to shave axillary (armpit) hair.
  • Caregiver (parent or legal guardian) must give informed consent for dyad participation.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Patient has a history of allergy to hydrogel dressing or ongoing skin diseases
  • Patients with ongoing febrile illness or documented infectious disease.




2 Years to 17 Years

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


Study Locations and Contact Information (1)

Study Location Distance Name Phone Email
Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts 2.8 miles Suzanne Rossov 617-643-6395 Srossov@PARTNERS.ORG provides clinical trial listings in an easy to view format. All clinical trial information is pulled directly from This website does not guarantee acceptance into any clinical trial, and is not responsible for adverse events that may be incurred from a clinical trial.