Improving Trans-oral Surgical Outcomes Through Intra-operative Image Guidance


The objective of this research is to perform a pilot study on patients undergoing laryngoscopy for diagnostic and tumor staging purposes (for pharyngeal or laryngeal cancer) in which intraoperative CT imaging will be performed both prior to (but after induction of general endotracheal anesthesia) and during placement of the laryngoscope in order to better understand anatomic changes that occur during instrumentation of the oral cavity and oropharynx. The goals of the study are: 1. Develop a suite of de-identified images and surface renderings that qualitatively show how a tumor and the upper aerodigestive tract anatomy deform during a laryngoscopic evaluation. 2. Create deformation models of the upper aerodigestive tract. This data to be used for future retractor development as well as for virtual image guided surgery.

Study Start Date

April 2015

Estimated Completion Date

July 2018


  • Other: Intraoperative CT imaging


  • Surgery: Head and Neck,Radiology/Diagnostics,Surgical Oncology
  • Oncology: Diagnostics/Radiology,Head and Neck
  • Radiology: CT/SPECT/PET
  • Otolaryngology: Head and Neck,Radiology/Diagnostics

MeSH Terms

  • Head and Neck Neoplasms
  • Oropharyngeal Neoplasms
  • Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center -- D14189



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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Inclusion Criteria

  • Adult patients (>18 years) seen in the Head and Neck Tumor Clinic who will require laryngoscopy in the operating room for diagnosis and staging of known or suspected tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Patients who are unable to tolerate general anesthesia.
  • Patients who are felt to be a "difficult airway" for induction of general endotracheal anesthesia.
  • Patients with excessive dental restorations and amalgam.




18 Years and older

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


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