Safety and Tolerability of Metronidazole Gel 1.3%


Multicenter, open-label study to evaluate safety and tolerability of Metronidazole Vaginal Gel in females 12 to

Study Start Date

March 2015

Estimated Completion Date

January 2016


  • Drug: Metronidazole Gel


  • Obstetrics & Gynecology: Clinical Pharmacology,Gynecologic Oncology
  • Infectious Disease: Sexually Transmitted Dz
  • Pharmacy: Antimicrobials

MeSH Terms

  • Bacterial
  • Vaginosis

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Watson Pharmaceuticals -- MG1401



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Trial Phase

Phase 4

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Watson Pharmaceuticals

Inclusion Criteria

  • Provide written assent and parent/legal guardian informed consent and authorization to disclose protected health information.
  • Post-menarcheal, adolescent female, 12 to <18 years of age at time of Screening/Baseline Visit (Day 1).
  • In good general health at Screening visit with no known medical conditions that, in the Investigator's opinion, may interfere with study participation.
  • Has negative urine pregnancy test result prior to study treatment initiation.
  • Has clinical diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.
  • Agree to abstain from sexual intravaginal intercourse for study duration.
  • Willing to avoid alcohol ingestion for 24 hours after administration of test article.
  • Agree to refrain from use of intravaginal products for duration of study (e.g. lubricated condoms, tampons, diaphgrams, spermicides, feminine deodorant sprays, douches). Intravaginal Uterine Device (IUD) use is acceptable as long as it has been in place for 30 days prior to study enrollment.
  • Willing and able to participate in study, make required visits to the study center, and comply with all study requirements including concomitant medication and other treatment restrictions.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Pregnant, lactating, or planning to become pregnant during study period.
  • Currently menstruating or anticipate onset of menses during first 9 days of the study.
  • Experience a clinically important medical event with 90 days of Screening/Baseline Visit (Day 1).
  • Evidence of other infectious causes of vulvovaginal infection or condition that in the Investigator's opinion would confound the interpretation of the study results.
  • Severe symptoms of dysuria and/or pruritus, burning or irritation in vulvovaginal area.
  • Received systemic or intravaginal antifungal, antibacterial or antiparasitic drugs within 14 days of Screening/Baseline visit (Day 1). Antiviral therapies (non-intravaginal) are acceptable.
  • Has taken disulfiram or systemic corticosteroids (oral or injected) within 14 days of Screening/Baseline Visit (Day 1).
  • Had sexual intravaginal intercourse within 24 hours of Screening/Baseline (Day 1).
  • Demonstrated previous hypersensitivity to metronidazole, either orally or topically administered, or any form of parabens or benzyl alcohol.
  • Known primary or secondary immunodeficiency condition/syndrome.
  • Being treated or planning to be treated during the study period for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) or cervical carcinoma.
  • Using anticoagulation therapy with Coumadin (warfarin).
  • Previously treated with test article under this protocol.
  • Participate in an experimental drug/device trial within the last 30 days before Screening/Baseline Visit (Day 1).
  • Is judged by the Investigator to be unsuitable for any reason.




12 Years to 17 Years

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


Study Locations and Contact Information (13)

Study Location Distance Name Phone Email
Actavis Research Site 308 - New Haven, Connecticut 18.0 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 311 - Raleigh, North Carolina 477.1 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 309 - Winston Salem, North Carolina 523.2 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 315 - Bardstown, Kentucky 693.4 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 303 - Birmingham, Alabama 915.7 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 301 - North Miami Beach, Florida 1,131.2 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 310 - Miami, Florida 1,140.0 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 312 - Lincoln, Nebraska 1,219.8 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 316 - Irving, Texas 1,427.8 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 307 - Houston, Texas 1,471.3 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 304 - Las Vegas, Nevada 2,270.3 miles None None None
Actavis Research Site 302 - Las Vegas, Nevada 2,276.9 miles None None None
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