Adult Liver Transplant Enhanced Care


The purpose of this study is to pilot-test a tailored telemetric intervention to improve adherence to medications in adults who had a liver transplant and are presently non-adherent (as measured by tacrolimus levels).

Study Start Date

January 2015

Estimated Completion Date

December 2016


  • Behavioral: Behavioral Telehealth


  • Gastroenterology: Transplant
  • Physician Assistant: Gastroenterology

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  • Behavioral Telehealth
  • Liver Transplant Recipients,

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Mount Sinai School of Medicine -- GCO 14-1876



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Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Inclusion Criteria

  • The patient is at least 18 years of age.
  • The patient received a liver transplant at least 2 years prior to initiation of the research protocol.
  • The patient is able to provide consent (i.e. is not encephalopathic or does not have significant cognitive impairment). Consent may be obtained either by phone or in person (following a script) and is documented by the researcher.
  • The patient is prescribed tacrolimus (either brand or generic formulation).
  • The patient is not receiving Hepatitis C treatment during the intervention (given this can affect levels of tacrolimus and adherence behaviors)
  • Thee patient has been seen in the liver transplant clinic at least once in the last two years.
  • The patient's MLVI value was ? 2, with at least 3 levels present to make this determination. Only tacrolimus levels drawn in the outpatient setting will be included in SD calculations. Tacrolimus levels in the inpatient setting (i.e. during a hospitalization) will be excluded.
  • The patient speaks English or Spanish at a level that allows him/her to understand the study procedures and consent to the study.

Exclusion Criteria

  • The patient received a liver transplant less than 2 years prior to enrollment.
  • The patient received a dual transplant (i.e. liver and kidney).
  • The treating physician has instructed the patient not to obtain tacrolimus levels for at least one year in the past year.
  • The patient does not understand the study procedures. This will be verified by asking the patient to repeat the study procedures.
  • The patient is actively psychotic or severely disoriented due to any cause, including hepatic encephalopathy (temporary exclusion) or severe cognitive impairment.
  • The patient is not medically stable or is hospitalized (temporary exclusion until stabilized).




18 Years and older

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