Humanitarian Use of AVANTA Orthopaedics Proximal Interphalangeal Joint


The purpose of this study is to allow patients to undergo surgery with the SR™ PIP (Proximal Interphalangeal) Implants for finger arthritis. This is NOT a research study, but rather, a requirement by the FDA for humanitarian use of device

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  • Device: SRâ„¢ PIP
  • Device: SR™ PIP


  • Orthopedics: Surgical Technique
  • Physician Assistant: Orthopedics

MeSH Terms

  • Arthroplasty of the PIP Joint

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Hospital for Special Surgery, New York -- 2013-059



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Expanded Access

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Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

Inclusion Criteria

  • patient is in need of a revision of failed PIP prosthesis(es)
  • patient expects to place his/her hands under loading situations which preclude the use of an alternative implant in the painful osteo-arthritic and post traumatic arthritic PIP joint

Exclusion Criteria

  • patient is not in need of a revision of a failed PIP prothesis(es)
  • patient is eligible to use an alternative implant




18 Years and older

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