The Effects of a Moderate Weight Loss on Insulin Resistance


The purpose of this study is to examine whether weight reduction decreases intramyocellular (IMCL) and hepatic lipid content, and improves insulin sensitivity of muscle and fat tissue in people who are insulin resistant and have a family history of type 2 diabetes.

Study Start Date

October 2002

Estimated Completion Date

October 2022


  • Behavioral: Dietary consultations


  • Family Medicine: Preventive/Nutrition
  • Endocrinology: Obesity
  • Nurse Practitioner: Nutrition

MeSH Terms

  • Insulin Resistance
  • Weight Loss

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Yale University -- 020290-20997



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Yale University

Inclusion Criteria

  • Healthy, sedentary, non-smoking and not taking any medications other than birth control pills.
  • Hematocrit >35%
  • Subjects will have no systemic or organ disease including diabetes.
  • Subjects will have no history eating disorders.
  • Women must be using a form of birth control (sexual abstinence, birth control pills, Norplant, IUD or condoms) and will be studied between day 0 and 7 of their menstrual cycle.
  • Those who are taking birth control pills or have had a hysterectomy may be studied at any time.
  • Physical activity will be assessed using a standard questionnaire with an activity index cut off at 2.3.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Any subject, who does not fit the inclusion criteria. Including history of eating disorders, any systemic and organ disease including diabetes.
  • Hematocrit <35%.
  • Women of childbearing potential, who are not using contraception (as mentioned above) or who are not abstinent.
  • Subjects who have a regular exercise regimen will not be enrolled.
  • Metal implants and/or body piercing, which cannot be removed before the MR studies.




18 Years to 90 Years

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Yale Center for Clinical Investigation HRU - New Haven, Connecticut 18.1 miles Kitt Petersen MD 203-688-4106 None provides clinical trial listings in an easy to view format. All clinical trial information is pulled directly from This website does not guarantee acceptance into any clinical trial, and is not responsible for adverse events that may be incurred from a clinical trial.