RCT of the Restorative Practices Intervention


The Restorative Practices Intervention (RPI), is a whole school environment intervention which is integrated into existing school practice (rather than 'added on') so does not compete with academic priorities; and it has some evidence supporting its effectiveness at improving school environment and promoting positive peer relationships. The specific aims of this investigator initiated study are to: 1. Assess the mechanisms of how RPI implementation influences the school environment; 2. Assess the effects of RPI on school staff perceptions of school climate and adolescents' reports of school connectedness, peer relationships, developmental outcomes (academic achievement and social competency) and problem behaviors (alcohol use, bullying, disciplinary referrals); 3. Assess the extent to which the positive effects of RPI on adolescents persist over time during the transition between middle and high school. For the first time utilizing rigorous scientific methods, this study has the potential to document whether a whole-school intervention like RPI, that can be integrated into existing school practice, can affect both developmental outcomes and problem behaviors and whether the effects persist during the transition from middle to high school.

Study Start Date

August 2014

Estimated Completion Date

August 2018


  • Behavioral: Restorative Practices Intervention


  • Internal Medicine: Academic Med/Education
  • Nursing: Education/Training
  • Family Medicine: Academic Med/Education

MeSH Terms

  • Restorative Practices Intervention

Study ID

RAND -- 1R01HD072235-01



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Inclusion Criteria

  • all students and staff in participating schools

Exclusion Criteria

  • anyone not in participating schools




12 Years and older

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Study Locations and Contact Information (16)

Study Location Distance Name Phone Email
Windham school - Windham, Maine 83.8 miles Charles Haddock 207-892-1820 chaddock@rsu14.org
Bonny Eagle school - Buxton, Maine 92.4 miles Mick Roy 207-929-3833 Mroy@bonnyeagle.org
Gorham school - Gorham, Maine 98.1 miles Susie Hanley 207-222-1245 susieh@gorhamschools.org
Molly Ockett - Fryeburg, Maine 114.4 miles Jane Lansing 207-935-2401 jane.lansing@msad72.org
Bath Middle School - Bath, Maine 125.3 miles Bud Solebello 207-443-8270 lsolebello@rsu1.org
Boothbay school - Boothbay Harbor, Maine 127.0 miles Kim Dionne 207-633-5097 kdionne@csd3-bres.org
Oak Hill school - Sabattus, Maine 131.1 miles Ben Wilson 207-375-9691 ben.wilson@rsu4.org
Jefferson Village school - Jefferson, Maine 151.3 miles Peter Gallace 207-549-7491 pgallace@aos93.org
Maranacook school - Readfield, Maine 153.3 miles Cathy Jacobs 207-685-3128 cathy_jacobs@maranacook.org
HallDale school - Farmingdale, Maine 154.1 miles Mark Tinkham 207-622-6211 mtinkham@kidsrsu.org
Hope school - Hope, Maine 164.0 miles Danielle Fagonde 207-785-4081 danielle_fagonde@fivetowns.net
Skowhegan school - Skowhegan, Maine 180.0 miles Zach Longyear 207-474-3339 zlongyear@msad54.org
Bucksport school - Bucksport, Maine 192.3 miles Stan Pelletier 207-469-6647 stan.pelletier@rsu25.org
Ridge View school - Dexter, Maine 205.4 miles Paula McHugeh 207-924-6000 pmchugh@aos94.org
Libby school - Milford, Maine 217.4 miles Jim Russell 207-827-2252 jrussell@milfordsd.org
Mt Jefferson school - Lee, Maine 251.2 miles Pamela Hamilton None phamilton@msad30.org

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