TRANSCRIBE (Transcriptomic Analysis of Left Ventricular Gene Expression)


Hypothesis: The investigators hypothesize that changes in the gene region on the short arm of chromosome 9 region 21 (9p21) will alter gene expression in response to ischemia during cardiopulmonary bypass. To test this, the investigators will be taking small pieces of heart tissue from patients undergoing heart surgery before and after this period of ischemia. This will be compared to blood gene expression in blood cells and analyzed with the patients' genetic profile. This might allow us to assess the amount of inflammation that occurs when patients are on the heart-lung machine as well as examine the effects genes have on this critical time period.

Study Start Date

March 2009

Estimated Completion Date

December 2018


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  • Cardiology: Basic Science/Genetics,Vascular Medicine
  • Internal Medicine: Cardiology
  • Nursing: Cardiology
  • Physician Assistant: Cardiology

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  • Cardiovascular Diseases

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Brigham and Women's Hospital -- 2007p002323



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Brigham and Women's Hospital

Inclusion Criteria

  • Aged greater than 20 years
  • Undergoing aortic valve surgery with or without CABG surgery
  • Receive and apical vent as part of the surgery

Exclusion Criteria

  • Will not receive an apical left ventricular vent




20 Years and older

Accepts Healthy Volunteers


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Brigham and Womens Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts 2.6 miles None None None
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