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Growth Hormone Dynamics and Cardiac Steatosis in HIV

Cardiac steatosis is increased among individuals with HIV, and may predispose to cardiac mechanical dysfunction and subsequent heart failure. The pathogenesis and treatment of cardiac steatosis is not well understood. Our group has previously shown that perturbed growth hormone (GH) secretion in HIV contributes to ectopic fat accumulation in the viscera and the liver. Moreover, we have found that augmentation of endogenous GH secretion with the FDA-approved medication tesamorelin reduces visceral and hepatic fat. In this longitudinal observational study, we will examine patients with HIV and abdominal fat accumulation who either plan or do not plan to initiate tesamorelin prescribed clinically. We hypothesize that blunted GH secretion in HIV is associated with cardiac steatosis. We also hypothesize that use of tesamorelin for 6 months is associated with a reduction in intramyocardial fat and preserved cardiac function.

Sponsored by: Massachusetts General Hospital