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Validation of Thermal Imaging to Detect Pneumonia

We are proposing a two-stage, prospective, cohort study of 138 subjects > 28 days old and < 18 years old with respiratory distress, already getting a chest x-ray as part of their routine clinical care, who will get thermal pictures of their chest at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Emergency Department, Pediatric Wards, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The thermal cameras will measure skin temperature, by taking a picture, in a non-contact way. We will recruit 138 patients using the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone and the newly designed irPNA application. The FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera will be attached to a study-designated iPhone which will only have the ability to take pictures. This phone will not have the capability to make calls or use the internet. The iPhone will be password protected, as encrypted by Partners regulations. Demographic and diagnostic data will be collected from patient charts.

Sponsored by: Massachusetts General Hospital