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Timing of Pessary Care

This is a prospective trial to investigate optimal timing of care for vaginal pessaries. A vaginal pessary is a silicone device that is placed in the vagina to support the pelvic organs of a woman who has pelvic organ prolapse. Some women are willing and able to remove their own pessary on a regular basis. In women who are either unwilling or unable to remove their own pessary, complete pessary care is provided in the urogynecology office. Complete pessary care involves regular removal and cleaning of the pessary with a vaginal examination. In our practice, the investigators typically remove vaginal pessaries and examine the vagina every 3 months in patients for whom the investigators provide complete pessary care. Interval of pessary removal varies widely between practitioners. In the literature, removal intervals vary from weekly to yearly. In this study, the investigators will randomize subjects to pessary care with removal every 12 weeks or every 24 weeks.

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