Displaying 6 actively recruiting clinical trials nationwide with the keyword(s) "Anorexia Nervosa"

Study Name Sponsor Status Trial Phase Quota Distance
Online Imaginal Exposure University of Louisville Recruiting N/A
Trial Size
296.69 297 miles
Project CORE: Disseminating Eating Disorders Treatment The Miriam Hospital Recruiting
Trial Phase
Trial Size
631.69 632 miles
A New Measure of Body Image in Eating Disorders Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Inc. Recruiting N/A
Trial Size
779.13 779 miles
Floatation-REST and Anorexia Nervosa Laureate Institute for Brain Research, Inc. Recruiting N/A
Trial Size
781.04 781 miles
The Pride Body Project San Diego State University Recruiting N/A
Trial Size
1,927.41 1,927 miles
Assessing the Effectiveness of Psychiatric Interventions on the Inpatient Unit Stanford University Recruiting N/A
Trial Size
2,049.02 2,049 miles

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